Drinking by myself

I'm staring at this whiskey glass
pondering the question:
is it half full
or is it half empty?

And I've heard all the words
words of encouragement
and the importance of the power--
the power of positive thinking.
Yeah sure, I could fake a smile
and pretend that all the world
is just fine and dandy
And even try to put it all--
put everything out of my mind.

Some say it's better not to even ask such questions
Don't think too much
because there are no answers.
And to live life--
Live life
like it were a Cabaret.

Others tell you to come on over to their faith--
believe in someone or something
to save the day--
save you during and
after your short stay
on Earth--
and save your soul
for eternity

But all I can do
is sit here and ponder
ponder whether this whiskey glass
Is it half full
or is it half empty?
And I can only conclude
that it's about time--
time to refill.