Oral sex

You look so hot
in your cool naked skin
So smooth
I hold you gently
Caress you
How I want to taste you
Eat you
My mouth waters with anticipation
But first, I must peel you
with my teeth.
Your distinctive smell races to my nose
And your succulent juices begin to flow
as I remove the layer
that hides your sweet yellow flesh

Now half stripped
I cannot wait
And take my first bite
My tongue explores your smooth
slippery sweet meat
Your sweet juices wet my face
and run down my chin
My teeth pull at your hairy pit.
Such a luscious dilemma--
whether to devour your in an oral frenzy
or taste your flesh
Bite by bite
Until you are all mine.

such an oral pleasure and
the queen of all fruit
But I’m a guy who is never quite satisfied
And tomorrow I may want to taste your sister
a different delicate delight
and eat a papaya.