Breakfast in bed

Her eyes are turned to me
a soft dreamy smile placed on her face
still asleep
My gentle kiss causes her to stir
answering with a soft morning groan
What would she like?
How about breakfast in bed?
I slide out naked and head for the kitchen--
water, coffee and electricity
before heading back into bed.
Kissing her warm skin--
the texture of soft white bread
needing a little warming up
I think.

Breakfast in bed
transforming gentle warmth
into hot toast--
making her soft like butter,
making her to feel sweet
like marmalade
A good place to begin
by fondling those warm muffins of hers
under the sheets.
Juice that tastes
salty and sweet
I'm the chef wanting to cook her up
everything on the menu--
to be wrapped up in my arms
like an omelet
sunny side up,
over easy,
scramble her eggs.

Breakfast in bed
comes with sausage
as she opens her legs
no rush
let's have leisurely breakfast
taking the morning oh so slow
moans until
our plates come crashing down
Hot milk is spilled making
quite a mess.
Smiling pause
a short break to reset the table
"I'm still hungry," she says.
Then flipping her over
like a pancake.
I like a girl who likes to eat.

The pot of hot coffee which I had made
over an hour ago
is in the kitchen.