"I Doubt" by Joe Zanghi

I doubt. . .
I doubt things will get better
You know what I’m talking about. . .
I doubt my hair will regrow
Aging vs anti-aging
Anti-aging is all the rage these days, but it’s really nothing new.
Someday, science may inject stem cells as a cure
for whatever ails you
The future is uncertain; this I know

I doubt. . .
If fact, I’m full out doubts”
I doubt I’ll ever bowl a perfect game
I doubt I’ll ever get a hole-in-one
I doubt that I’ll live to 101
I doubt I’ll ever win the lottery
A stroke of luck—the odds of winning, 100 million to one
The lucky winner: one day the person is a penniless bum
The next, that person is now blessed with life of fun
And all the person did to earn this was: to take a chance
“Everything in life is luck,” I once heard Donald Trump say.
A man who also said, “The point is that you can’t be too greedy.”
What a pig, that pussy grabbing president of the USA.

They say, “life isn’t fair.”
Isn’t that the greatest understatement ever made.
A lot of it—Luck—depends on where you were born.
I doubt. . .
I doubt in world Peace
I doubt wars will end
I doubt Jesus will come back again

In fact, I doubt there is a God
Preachers, oh, they’ll tell you what to believe
But if you knew nothing about the Bible
And instead tuned on the TV
On the screen, there was a story of some Super Man
Who created a planet 13.6 billion years ago
Looking down, watching our every move
Who has a plan. . . and a judgment day
If you believe this, I will sell you swamp land
Or you’d vote for a con man
Is everything like reality TV?
Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

I doubt sayings like “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
Sometimes, I clearly hear myself say, “No Fucking way!”
Doubt is not fake
Doubt is acceptable, certainty is absurd
“Buddhism is not a creed, it is a doubt” said Gilbert K. Chesterton

And I believe, the sun will come up tomorrow
The sun will come up whether I’ll awake to see it, or not.

And I doubt. . .
I doubt that I’ll get laid tonight.

"What would you do for love?" - Joe Zanghi

What would you do for love?
In pursuit of an answer, I have a few other questions to help sort out this conundrum:
Would you walk, say, walk 500 miles, over hot burning coals?
Would you cross a desert . . . would you journey across the sands without even a canteen?
Would you swim across the sea . . . of shark-infested waters?
Probably not . . .
Would you climb a mountain to the top of the world’s highest peak
Then capitulate, jumping off the cliff, and plunging into Love’s abyss?
And would you call this Love or hyperbole?

Or, do you play it safe and retreat?
Spending your time . . . spending your life wandering the endless streets
Checking out bland faces
In a world of common want and greed
But, I don’t want play the role of the cynic here either

The times of falling in Love are very few . . .
In your whole life, maybe just one or two
Maybe counting Love on only one index finger
The kind of Love that comes just once in a lifetime
To have such a Love, just this one time—
Infinitely better than having found no love at all—
At least this is what poets say.

What would you do for love?
For that someone who takes your breath away
When they send you floating instead of walking down the street
Lifting you up… with the feeling of being so high you can touch the stars
Riding on the Milky Way

When you like to look at that person
They seem to shine in your eyes
When the conversation is give and take
And not a one-way street
The way she turns me on
A state of ecstasy, to be in a trance-like state
She takes me home
Watching her sleep
As if she were dreaming the same dream as me
Love is a drug (and you know how I like drugs)

When you think of that person day and night
Their image stays in your head
When she is not there, something seems wrong
Infinitely worse than when your iPhone is missing (for comparison)
The world is askew . . . you have no idea what to do.

Love . . . Love has no rules
And upon this reflection, I can’t decide whether this fact:
Love has no rules
You tell me: is Love kind or is it cruel?

What would you do for love?
Would you give up everything?

"Greening in Sayama" by Ivy C. Machida

All around me
Green abounds -

Beyond the window
Just above your shoulder
I see the swaying leaves -
You said they'd turn a darker green
Before the fall
Which didn't happen elsewhere
When you were abroad.
I said they'd be evergreens
You nodded as if to say
That's how you'd like them all to be.

In the green and park domain
You held the reins assuredly.
Uncertainty lurked in your eyes
I wondered why -
How devoted were you indeed
To till the greenery for one and all -
Or was this a pass-through
On a journey to paths and pursuits
And greening beyond our grasp
At day's end when work is done.

I hadn't known
But it came to light
When I beheld the greenery
Beyond the open window
How you heartily relished
Their freshness, ever-joyful
Still youthful greenery
Overwhelming you, awaiting you -
So unlike those immersed in approaching fall
Soon to assume a darkening glow
Weathering beyond the joyous green.

Green lays hold on you undoubtedly
And you delight in the greening glory
That awaits at each day's end
No matter it'd be darkening
But green alone lights up your eyes.
Like earth's creation, God's hand
Creates a paradisiac green -
And we behold the magnanimous glory
And the greening power within us -
Go, if you must -
Delight in your greening journey
In the park, where she awaits

Green reigns supreme, consummate -
As God's creation, I too, as the days darken,
Will tread amidst the scenery all around
And rejoice in finding common ground
Before the approaching shadows fall.