Out of the blue
You sprang forth
What am I to make of you -

In my garden
Where sculptured shrubs
And roses bloom in measured rows
With hues and tints
And names to match -

And violets poised and gay
With daisies coy and pure
Align in close embrace -
And all is game and fair in love and play
In my tilled and cultivated space.

A bolt of lightning dazzled the skies
Sprinkling its sparkling rays
In fields and dales -
A swirling cloud and seedy haze
Swept by and rained upon my garden -

That's how you happened by
Oh, wildflower -

You hold court, striving to reign,
Ravishing the polished lawn
Bracing to sprout a dizzy display
Of daisy-like beads and buds
To woo and baffle the eyes and steer the mind.

I stooped to gaze at one
As if to chide its frivolity
Or swipe it off with a flick of hand -
And behold - it spilled and sprayed its scent
And thrust itself on me as if to claim validity

Awestruck, I recoiled my outstretched hand
And gently cupped the wooing weed
Ready to grant a lease of recompense
For a shaky transient stay
And learn by circumstance, come what may.

That's how you happened by
Oh, wildflower -

Like the wind you came
So late in life -
Like cleansing rain you will go -
And I abide this tranquil time alone
To reap my garden anew.

"Wildflower" by Ivy C. Machida