I doubt. . .
I doubt things will get better
You know what I’m talking about. . .
I doubt my hair will regrow
Aging vs anti-aging
Anti-aging is all the rage these days, but it’s really nothing new.
Someday, science may inject stem cells as a cure
for whatever ails you
The future is uncertain; this I know

I doubt. . .
If fact, I’m full out doubts”
I doubt I’ll ever bowl a perfect game
I doubt I’ll ever get a hole-in-one
I doubt that I’ll live to 101
I doubt I’ll ever win the lottery
A stroke of luck—the odds of winning, 100 million to one
The lucky winner: one day the person is a penniless bum
The next, that person is now blessed with life of fun
And all the person did to earn this was: to take a chance
“Everything in life is luck,” I once heard Donald Trump say.
A man who also said, “The point is that you can’t be too greedy.”
What a pig, that pussy grabbing president of the USA.

They say, “life isn’t fair.”
Isn’t that the greatest understatement ever made.
A lot of it—Luck—depends on where you were born.
I doubt. . .
I doubt in world Peace
I doubt wars will end
I doubt Jesus will come back again

In fact, I doubt there is a God
Preachers, oh, they’ll tell you what to believe
But if you knew nothing about the Bible
And instead tuned on the TV
On the screen, there was a story of some Super Man
Who created a planet 13.6 billion years ago
Looking down, watching our every move
Who has a plan. . . and a judgment day
If you believe this, I will sell you swamp land
Or you’d vote for a con man
Is everything like reality TV?
Are we living in the Twilight Zone?

I doubt sayings like “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”
Sometimes, I clearly hear myself say, “No Fucking way!”
Doubt is not fake
Doubt is acceptable, certainty is absurd
“Buddhism is not a creed, it is a doubt” said Gilbert K. Chesterton

And I believe, the sun will come up tomorrow
The sun will come up whether I’ll awake to see it, or not.

And I doubt. . .
I doubt that I’ll get laid tonight.

"I Doubt" by Joe Zanghi