Fair as a pink rose at dawn
Your porcelain skin
And glowing cheeks
Tell of the manifold joys
You must embrace in life.

As I peel petal by petal
The essence of you unfurl -
Your sparkling smile
And virtuous heart
Sing out in melodious harmony

Like lilies in the field
Spilling their fragrance in the air
The chirping cry of cicadas
And love-call of songbirds
Mingle in consensual soft refrain

Extolling your manifest allure
Espousing a rapturous song of you.

And that man beside you,
Breathes he all the sweetness
And sensuous scents of you
Engulfing, surrounding, submerging
And drowning him

In the ecstatic wonder and
Minefield of your charms.

"Noriko" by Ivy C. Machida