I wait until I break into one million pieces
Head to the sun
That perfect moment together alone

Beds are like glasses
I hate them half empty
That sadness in the cold marrow

You want the bomb
You know, the big one
So you can see god

I want to break into pieces
In a desert
Join the expanding starlight

We want it all now, trucks of it
Gold and silvery, shiny and bejewelled
Stick it all on a dildo, put it in our ass

I say "fuck you" I feel like the moon
Lonely with a dark side
Your voice is a glass bell of light

There is misery soup for sale
Piss in it, give it the poor
Spiral galaxies await us

Jesus comes back
Sees all the crosses on filthy necks
That'll cheer him up, haha!

The fashion bisexual
I know I'm Bi guy
I just don't like cock

The guns pile up up
While the hungry eat trash
And we smile and live

I want to explode with stars
I want my universal dust to mingle
With the histories we so easily ignore

In space
Out in space
The warmth of the cold on my dust
Bones gone
Bones all gone
Find me then
Find me there
Love in the stars
Another day
Yet another day.


Don't hit her
but I'm bigger?
Don't hit him
He's a fruit
The youth are not to blame
for the poisonous flame
of hatred
TV shows neither
Do not pepper the ether
With kicks to the head
Sony and nintendo?
They do not buy guns
Do not instruct fun
To be had with shrapnel
Who's responsible?
As one dead once said

Ever Spinning Shit

"When you hear the four minute's too fucking late"
Dead fingers talk, close to the buttons
When the popular stakes are won by hate
I hope the good ole boys like them onions

My friends are not dumb
They must have left them behind
The dumb ones
The do anything for fun ones
The voters
Like floaters in the latrine
Waiting for the flush
To make everything clean
And middle class and white
And bright, oh yes and NICE
Fooled once was not shame enough
And to those living rough
Look at the golden elevators
Shooting upwards to pie in the sky
"Raus Raus"
And the world is scared of clowns
Fuck is bleeped
While the coma like sleep
Of the masses envelops
Nobody should shit on you
But shitting on yourselves?
Pissing in the wind
"Jesus saves!"
"Not on my fucking pension he wouldn't"
So return to sleep friends and enemies alike
Wake up and smell the sewer
Someone made the coffee
With elitists piss
The establishment destroys itself?
It shed a skin
To show a new order within
Establishing the established rules
That stabilise establishments
This christmas will be white!
The Klans wank with delight
The blood clots
Around warm hearts
As the beating heart of diversity
Slowly, crawls to a halt.
"Very valid George, very valid"
It's enough.
No very needed
The cake needs a cherry
Just not one made of shit.