Ever Spinning Shit

"When you hear the four minute warning...it's too fucking late"
Dead fingers talk, close to the buttons
When the popular stakes are won by hate
I hope the good ole boys like them onions

My friends are not dumb
They must have left them behind
The dumb ones
The do anything for fun ones
The voters
Like floaters in the latrine
Waiting for the flush
To make everything clean
And middle class and white
And bright, oh yes and NICE
Fooled once was not shame enough
And to those living rough
Look at the golden elevators
Shooting upwards to pie in the sky
"Raus Raus"
And the world is scared of clowns
Fuck is bleeped
While the coma like sleep
Of the masses envelops
Nobody should shit on you
But shitting on yourselves?
Pissing in the wind
"Jesus saves!"
"Not on my fucking pension he wouldn't"
So return to sleep friends and enemies alike
Wake up and smell the sewer
Someone made the coffee
With elitists piss
The establishment destroys itself?
It shed a skin
To show a new order within
Establishing the established rules
That stabilise establishments
This christmas will be white!
The Klans wank with delight
The blood clots
Around warm hearts
As the beating heart of diversity
Slowly, crawls to a halt.
"Very valid George, very valid"
It's enough.
No very needed
The cake needs a cherry
Just not one made of shit.

"At the Brink of Summer" by Ivy C. Machida

Standing pensively
At the brink of summer
Awaiting the warmth
And welcoming glow
Of the fiery sun
To drape me
In its flaming glory
Shielding me with its masterful hug

A tight embrace
Of heat and fire
A tingling sweep of energy
A forceful hold -
A gripping flash of memory
Piercing the depths within
Drowning me in its intrusive reach.

I melt in the comfort
Of its all-encompassing grasp
Stoking the hidden furnace
Long dormant and cold
With the passing tides
And drifts of yesteryear -

Oh, summer me back to your heat again.

Non-believer's Prayer

Once upon a time, the Earth was flat
I guess way back then, how could anyone imagine anything other than that?
A the center of the universe, Man staring down at his feet
His world was hostile and life was cheap.

Viewing life by only his own two eyes
They say, seeing is believing, but sometimes, what you see is a lie
It took Galileo and his telescope and a bunch of persecuted heretics,
and Columbus on a ship to prove the belief "the Earth is flat" was all shit.

The idea Earth and stars were created in just one week
To me, this speedy time-line never sounded reasonable for such a colossal feat.
However, in church that's what I was told. Don't believe it? Just ask the Pope.
In Mr. Whitams's sixth-grade science class, Darwin's ideas seemed quite bold
(So much so, when I heard about survival of the fittest and how we actually procreate, I began to.... exercise)

We read about how the curious searched for old bones
And how the notion of evolution began to grow
Paleontologists finding prehistoric man all around the globe
Concluding we descended from apes. How the church responded, "Oh God, we pray this ain't so."

Take the tale of Adam and Eve, and the story of the the snake
The eating of an apple; as the reason given for why we humans ain't so great
Beware, the Devil. His temptation, his evil, his hate
And the opposite. Good is good, God is great,
God is love . And He's looking down on us from above

Preachers remain armed with the ultimate trick card up their sleeve
There is an afterlife, that is for those only who believe
The promise of a heaven, a paradise.The promise of eternal life.
Eternity - so far we see no real guarantee

Now we know the universe began some 13.82 billion years ago.
and the Earth is 4.543 billion years old,
(These numbers being rounded off to within millions of years or so.)
Plenty of time for man to stand stand upright
A speck in time for human civilization to unfold.

Looking to tomorrow. I'll let science take the lead
To the theoretical physicists and their mysterious complex quantum world
With their equations beyond what I can comprehend
I believe there is nothing to believe.
At least I won't be disappointed or jilted in the end.