Winds of Mine

Which way does the wind blow?
Sometimes a gentle breeze to the right
Other times a violent cold gust to the left
More or less
Random events
From birth to death
We do our best
To navigate
by what we have done
and where we have been
They call it experience
Born to a world of pure chance
and the winds of time

Hot Summer

In the summer’s heat
The fan blades turn
Around and around
Spinning and spinning
Faster and faster
Day and night.
Night and day
My mind is a blur
Clothes strewn on the bedroom floor
And we lay there
Naked before each other
The gods watching down
Your hair moist
Your forehead wet
Drops on your upper lip
The taste of salt on your neck
The drips between your breasts
You make sweat
We hold onto the earth
And hold on to each other
So tight
Lest we fall off